Friday, March 10, 2017

North Shore Animal League Looking to Open New Cat Shelter

As a dental hygienist in Queens and Long Island, New York, Caroline Itjen performs dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, charting of decay disease conditions, and so much more. Aside from her professional responsibilities, Caroline Itjen is an animal lover who volunteers as a dog walker with North Shore Animal League.

North Country Initiative of North Shore Animal League America is looking to make use of an old medical office building by creating a shelter for cats. In line with this, the organization is willing to install closed-circuit televisions outside the said building and post signs to inform people that abandoning cats is an illegal act. The said plan is still awaitinf approval by the Planning Board in the city.

If the plan pushes through, the shelter will welcome more than 40 cats for adoption. These cats entering the shelter will be kept in a separate location for a preliminary monitoring period.